Personalised learning

UPI's Online Multi-Pathway Program incorporates on-going personalised learning support to complement your online

self-learning program.

Our personalised support includes one-on-one mentoring and coaching sessions and access to a large number of professional development short courses to help enhance specific skill sets.

Professional Development (short courses)

Our online professional development short courses are designed to help students gain new and important skills or to improve on existing skills that will best prepare them for their international studies.


The professional development courses are self-directed and can be completed at any time as part of UPI's university pathway program.


Students, at any time, can select from any of the following professional development courses:


  • Assertive communication

  • Advertising and promoting

  • Being a mentor

  • Conducting internal audits

  • Conducting interviews

  • Conferences - promotion and management

  • Communication skills

  • Conducting useful market research

  • Customer needs

  • Develop a budget

  • Diversity - understanding and managing

  • Emotional intelligence

  • Health & safety leadership

  • Innovation in the workplace

  • Leadership in work organisations

  • Managing work stress

  • Microsoft Access 2013

  • Microsoft Excel 2013

  • Microsoft Word 2013

  • Microsoft Powerpoint 2013

  • Microsoft Publisher 2013

  • Networking - how and why

  • Online sales

  • Performance management

  • Product knowledge

  • Project management

  • Prioritising work

  • Retail sales and service

  • Supervising

  • Skills for influencing and negotiating

  • Strategic planning

  • Time management

  • Understanding and managing conflict