New UK visa rule to attract more Indian students

UPI students stand to benefit from the UK government's updated student visa policy.

Introduced as a new points system, the new policy will replace the Tier 4 visa route and allow international students to get visas more easily and stay in the UK even after studies. Indians already make up the third-largest foreign student population in the UK after China and the US.

Until recently, many Indian students who once considered UK as their top choice, had turned their attention away from the UK due to difficulties in being able work and apply for a PR. But with this new policy, UPI predicts that UK will once again become a top destination of choice for its students.

The UK, which left the EU on January 31, is focused on improving business and trade relations with India and has taken a major step forward where visas are going to become simpler, more straight forward and fairer for those who apply based on talent.

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