University Progression

UPI/ATHE graduates can progress to a number of universities in Australia, United States, United Kingdom and Canada.

Progression routes include universities that:

Recognise UPI/ATHE graduates as meeting the requirements to progress into a related bachelor degree.

Have an existing credit transfer arrangement (articulation) with UPI's qualification awarding body, ATHE. 

Other universities and colleges (not listed)

UPI graduates can apply for entry and credit (advanced standing) towards a related bachelor degree at any university including those not identified by UPI.

This is because qualifications regulated by Ofqual are globally recognised and accepted by many universities all over the world.

All universities have their own unique credit transfer policies. Therefore, the amount of credit received may vary significantly depending on which university and bachelor degree you apply for.

Approved Universities

UPI graduates are eligible to progress to a number universities in the United Kingdom, Australia, United States and Canada.

By clicking on the university/college links, students can learn more about the specific pathway opportunities on offer with each provider.

Check back regularly for updates on new progression routes and partnerships with universities / colleges